Friday, May 4, 2012

Why People Need Aadhaar Card ?

The Aadhaar card is meant to provide identity to its holder. It does not guarantee any entitlements or benefits. Basically, it is linked to a person's bio metric or demographic information.

The Aadhaar card is a scheme designed to benefit the poor people of India. It is meant to improve service delivery to the poor. Basically most of the poor in India do not have proper identification papers. This means that the Aadhaar card will be their first form of authentication that these people will have access to. 
It will also help to solve the problem of illegal immigration to India. 

India has databases that are full of fraud information or duplicate entries. This is done in order to provide benefits to certain people. The Government wants that this wrong information should not be used for making the database for this card. Hence, the Government has to make a fresh database in order to gather this information. Hence, the Aadhaar card will help to solve the problem of corruption in India. There are many problems being faced while compiling this database.

The main problem is that most of the poor people in India do not have any kind of papers that would be able to verify their demographic as well as biometric information. 

In addition, India has a large mass of uneducated population. They are not able to understand the importance of Aadhaar card and tend to withhold information. 

Many people can spell their name in their regional language only. India being such a diverse country, the Aadhaar software will not be able to record all the names in their local language. And names tend to take a totally different spelling and meaning when recorded in another language that is not native. Besides, people are doubtful of this card being able to reach those who are in remote areas.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

AP govt to acquaint multipurpose a smart cards

Government of Andhra Pradesh is introducing multipurpose Aadhar-based acute cards to the beneficiaries (citizens) for availing of allowances beneath altered abundance schemes. Accompaniment Information and Communications Technology Minister Ponnala Lakshmaiah told newsmen actuality today that fingerprint-based POS (point-of-sale) terminals would be set up at all abundance departments’ account centers, Accompaniment Road Transport depots, Department for Pensions, Commercial Tax and added departments. A smart cards issued to the beneficiaries would be inter-operable beyond all POS machines (different makes & models) and the agenda could be acclimated for multi-purposes beyond all departments for assorted casework in the state, the Minister said. The acute agenda appearance would be continued to abutment cyberbanking affairs also, he added. The Government of India has appear a ancient added axial abetment of Rs 12.03 crore for the accomplishing of the activity while the accompaniment government would buck the antithesis Rs 28 crore. Lakshmaiah said the Union Department of Information Technology has accorded administering approval for the accomplishing of e-District activity beneath the National e-Governance Activity (NeGP) at a amount of Rs 61.43 crore. A sum of Rs 3.50 crore was already appear to the accompaniment government. e-District is one of the 27 mission approach projects beneath the NeGP aimed at cyberbanking commitment of articular high-volume citizen-centric services, at commune and sub-district level. Initially 28 casework would be delivered beneath e-District while addition 200 would be added in the consecutive phases, the IT Minister said.